Does the perfect job exist?

The Perfect job? as Heaven or Hell depends on everyone experiences so I wont discuss that, but as heaven or hell… IT DOESN’T EXIST.
So if you are getting paid if because you are doing something because of the money (and that you won’t be doing if money does not come to you).
Its probably that you dont like what you are doing, and I do understand that… so Dont do it! find your way out of it.. dont ask me how… Im still looking for it too..
Living a happy-good life depends on all those things that have meaning and makes us feel happy, can be a: Job, Cats, children, helping people, beating someone down, even been an HR has it good thingsv(still wanting to find them).
I do really love my job, and I have never accepted to do something else than being a Recruiting or HR manager, it’s not all about the money. I had bad experiences too and I quit the job and find a new one.
If you no are happy in your job, wont be happy with the salary you are getting, so wont be happy at home, and you will be complaining all the time with your family, cats, birds, or in some blogs.